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Rough Song – The Spirit of Love

I woke up this morning in the mood to create. Last week was busy entertaining guests and celebrating a special Baha’i Holy Day so I haven’t had much of a chance to work on music. As I sat at the ..

Be thou a Summoner to Love – Reflection

This is one of my favorite recordings that Arzhia and I made out of the series of all four pieces.  The words are so beautiful and I wanted the piano to reflect the essence of the phrase ‘Be thou a ..

Bend me into Conformity – Reflection

This is the second reflective piece in the series of four that we are sharing during the Bahai fast (here is the link to the first one entitled ‘Create in me a pure heart’). Arzhia Habibi recites so beautifully the ..

Talented Photographer makes Video for 'Awakening'

One of my friends, Glenn Franco Simmons, recently created this beautiful video for the song “Awakening” from my latest album, Glimmerings. Glenn is a talented photographer who has an eye for beauty and has a passion for taking shots of ..

Heavenly Wings-Composition for my Son's 15th birthday!

Turning 15 is a huge milestone on the spiritual journey of life. Baha’u’llah referred to it as the commencement of maturity and in the Baha’i Faith it is the age at which a young person begins to take on for ..

New rough song: Rain Down All These Blessings

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  • I composed a song yesterday that I wanted to share with you.  I love this quotation as it reminds me of all my loved ones that I wish blessings to be showered upon. The ‘ahhhing’ at the end are supposed ..

    Lyrics for Eternal Beloved

    I’d like to thank those of you who wrote comments on the previous blog about Eternal Beloved.  Thank you so much for your kind words!  I feel very supported by you all and was so touched by your comments.  In ..

    New (easy to learn) Ayyam-i-Ha Song and Video!

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  • We have embarked upon the Festival of Ayyam-i-Ha which is a special time of gift giving, charity, hospitality and celebration for Baha’is all over the world. During these precious few days, I try and think of a small gift that ..

    New Video for song ‘Where There is Love’!

    The music video we’ve been working on for ‘Where There is Love’ from my CD Birds of Love is finally ready! We started working on the video last summer in Vancouver, Canada and the shoot took place on a beautiful ..

    Year-End Special for You!

    It’s my birthday today and I would like to share a gift with you! For the first time, I’m having a Year-End special! We’re offering a special for the ‘Birds of Love’ gift set (buy 1, get 1 free) as ..

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