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Replay for Elika’s Live concert

Replay for Elika’s Live concert

What a pleasure it was going live on Facebook and Instagram this morning!  I so enjoyed singing for friends around the world in the hopes that it would bring joy and solace. Click here to watch the replay on Facebook. ..

A musical conversation

A musical conversation

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A couple of nights ago I dreamt that I was giving a concert except that at the same time I was in the audience wearing my pyjamas viewing the show! The dream inspired me to do a live online music sharing session. ..

'Pun Intended' Wangjing Soho performance

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  • Last Friday evening, my son and the band he plays with, ‘Pun Intended’, were invited to perform for the opening of Wangjing SOHO Beijing, a major office complex designed by renowned architect, Zaha Hadid! The band has been playing together ..

    Elton John in Concert in Beijing!

    I had the opportunity to attend Elton John’s concert in Beijing tonight (thanks to my dear friend Plum for her kind invitation)!  This was Elton John’s first time performing in Beijing and it was truly a stunning evening full of ..

    Cesaria Evora in Concert!

    I had the privilege of attending the concert of two amazing divas – Cesaria Evora and Mayra Andrade.  What an outstanding evening!  The night started with a new artist, Mayra Andrade, who had such charm, elegance and grace and a ..

    Cheng Lin's Fantastic Concert!

    What an amazing past few days I have had!  First of all, I must share with you that Cheng Lin’s Peony Festival concert was a huge success on so many levels.  By the night of the big event, I felt ..

    Eric Harper in Concert in Beijing

    I’ve had the pleasure of having Eric Harper stay with us for the last 10 days.  He was invited to China to participate in Cheng Lin’s Peony Festival concert in Luo Yang.  During his stay we’ve had some opportunities to ..