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Recording the Long Healing Prayer

Recording the Long Healing Prayer

Many friends have been asking if we are ok due to the virus that has emerged in China… All is well and in fact it has given me the opportunity to stay home and work on music projects – one that ..

Resources on Love and Marriage

Resources on Love and Marriage

Resources on Love and Marriage I am dedicating this month to couples around the world who are striving to build bonds of love and unity. Over the last month I have collected thoughts from couples married for many years. ❤️ I ..

Waltzing in Heaven

Waltzing in Heaven

3 years ago to the day, on December 9th, my dear, dear friend, Sigi Guy, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She was the essence of love and purity and had a heart of gold. Sigi showed me the meaning of true friendship and ..

Inversion of Love – a story for parents

A friend of mine sent this beautiful story to me a couple of days ago after I shared that our daughter just left for her year of service.  I hadn’t read the story before and loved it so I thought ..

Our daughter's beautiful composition

Today was a special day!  I am beyond excited that we recorded vocals for a composition by my daughter that will be on my upcoming album in honor of the bicentenary of the Birth of The Báb.  The prayer is titled ‘God is Sufficient’. We ..

A Humble Angel

Just a few hours ago my beloved uncle, Abbas Ehsani, winged his flight to the next world.  He was one of the most humble and gentle souls.  I feel so grateful to have known him and to have grown up ..

9 days of inspiration!

Our family recently had the privilege of visiting the Bahá’í World Centre for a 9 day Pilgrimage!  Spending time in the holy places where Bahá’u’lláh resided after His exile from the Ottoman empire in 1868 was a priceless experience.  Praying and meditating ..

My Parents Golden Anniversary!

How precious that my parents are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary today!  I am in awe!  They are an example of steadfastness and commitment and have overcome many obstacles to be where they are today and I am so proud ..

A very special baby…

A few days ago I shared a beautiful montage of newborns accompanying the ‘Prayer for Infants’ that I recently set to music. I received so many wonderful photographs from all over the world and wish I could have used them ..

The Cutest Babies you've ever seen!

I’ve been greatly enjoying working on one of the sweetest video montages ever: arranging gorgeous images of adorable little ones to accompany the ‘Prayer for Infants’ that I recently set to music. I’ve had a constant smile on my face throughout the process and would ..