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Inversion of Love – a story for parents

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  • A story all parents should read, especially empty nesters (or soon to be empty nesters).

    A bittersweet moment…

    Hi there!  I know it’s been awhile since I last blogged but there has been a lot going on… We have now joined the rank of emptynesters! Two days ago, it was extremely bittersweet saying goodbye to our daughter, Amelia, ..

    Invincible – a song about bullying

    A song titled, ‘Invincible’ on the theme of bullying and self-esteem. The purpose in creating the song and video was to help gain a greater understanding and awareness of these issues as well as developing one’s self-esteem.

    A very special baby…

    A few days ago I shared a beautiful montage of newborns accompanying the ‘Prayer for Infants’ that I recently set to music. I received so many wonderful photographs from all over the world and wish I could have used them ..

    The Cutest Babies you've ever seen!

    I’ve been greatly enjoying working on one of the sweetest video montages ever: arranging gorgeous images of adorable little ones to accompany the ‘Prayer for Infants’ that I recently set to music. I’ve had a constant smile on my face throughout the process and would ..

    Elegant Art prints for Prayer for Infants

    I’m so happy to hear that friends are enjoying the new release, ‘Prayer for Infants’, and are also sending it as gifts to loved ones with babies.  I was hoping it would be shared so that mothers could learn to sing ..

    Prayer for Infants Released!

    I’m excited to share the newly released ‘Prayer for Infants’. Thank you for your input about the font you like best for the cover. I read each suggestion which helped me make a final decision.  I chose the flowery font as it flows ..

    Prayer for Infants cover – which photo?

    Ten days ago my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  I so wish I could have been there to meet my nephew and enjoy seeing my sister become a mother for the first time.  I have been wondering what ..

    A song composed by my daughter!

    A few days ago my daughter composed a piece titled, ‘Bestow on me’ inspired by the upcoming Holy Day celebration for the Declaration of The Bab.  We just recorded the song together and I’m excited we will be teaching our ..