Be thou a Summoner to Love – Reflection

This is one of my favorite recordings that Arzhia and I made out of the series of all four pieces.  The words are so beautiful and I wanted the piano to reflect the essence of the phrase ‘Be thou a summoner to love’ and to give the feeling of summoning.  The words and music are below and it is available as a gift download.  Enjoy!
Here is a link to the first two pieces: ‘Create in me a pure heart’ and ‘Bend me into conformity’.
Be thou a summoner to love, and be thou kind to all the human race. Love thou the children of men and share in their sorrows. Be thou of those who foster peace. Offer thy friendship, be worthy of trust. Be thou a balm to every sore, be thou a medicine for every ill. Bind thou the souls together.
… To every human being must ye be infinitely kind. Call none a stranger; think none to be your foe. Be ye as if all men were your close kin and honored friends.
~ Abdu’l-Baha


    prosoul March 17, 2013Reply

    A great quote for this!

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