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Spontaneous Instrumental – The coming of Spring

The Baha’i New Year, Nawruz, is upon us. This is one of my favorite times of year. The beginning of spring, the new growth of buds sprouting in the garden and the warmth in the air all bring such joy ..

Talented Photographer makes Video for 'Awakening'

One of my friends, Glenn Franco Simmons, recently created this beautiful video for the song “Awakening” from my latest album, Glimmerings. Glenn is a talented photographer who has an eye for beauty and has a passion for taking shots of ..

Glimmerings Video Contest

Since the Glimmerings CD has been released, I’ve been thinking about creating videos for the pieces and would love your help. If you would like to create a video for one of these two songs on the Glimmerings album, Awakening ..

Learning & Performing 'Final Journey'!

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  • Last week I had the opportunity to play 3 pieces from my recent ‘Glimmerings’ CD on a grand piano at our Nawruz (Baha’i New Year) celebration.  It was the first time I had played them for such a large gathering ..

    A Gentle Meditation of the Soul…

    I was in the mood to compose a spontaneous instrumental piece tonight.  Sometimes when I have a lot on my mind, playing the piano allows me to release my thoughts through the piano.  Just letting go and allowing what comes ..