For my 100th blog – A gift of music

I’m thrilled to be writing my 100th blog! It has been an enlightening experience to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and to exchange ideas with friends.  I have enjoyed sharing thoughts on the theme of detachment, challenges in life, the joys of being a musician and many more topics.  One of my highlights in this whole process has been getting to know those of you who have participated in the dialogue on a frequent basis.  Strangers have become friends and deep bonds have been established.  It has been a pleasure to connect with friends and to learn from many inspired souls around the world.   I look forward to many more conversations about the lessons in life, the art of music and other inspiring topics.
To celebrate these wonderful connections and all the joy you have brought me, I want to share a gift of music with you.  One of the projects I am currently working on is a spiritual CD in Chinese (the goal for the release date is September this year).  We have translated some of the Fire and Gold pieces into Chinese and added some new quotations.  The song is a new one called ‘Rose of Love’ that is sung in English and Chinese.  I recorded it with a talented Chinese singer, Lily.  She has a truly heavenly voice.  I so enjoy the interplay of different languages sung together and set out to explore that with this piece.
You can listen to the piece here:

Some of the other songs on the CD will feature Cheng Lin singing with Phil Morrison on the bass and Keith Williams on the piano!


    shahrzad June 19, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika.
    I listened to your heavenly voice and prayed with you.

    玖伍贰柒 June 19, 2009Reply

    I love this song. It’s amazing, the voice, wow…..

    Vidya June 19, 2009Reply

    Dearest Elika,
    The song is so wonderful. Amazing voice and amazing music. Best of luck for your project.

    umesh June 20, 2009Reply

    Dear Erika,
    Thank u very much for letting me to listen to ur heavenly voice again. I like the style of mixing Chinese n English together 🙂 Wish to hear more.

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  • Martin Kerr June 20, 2009Reply

    Gorgeous. Flawless and instantly memorable. I feel like I have heard this song before…have I? Or is it just that you have such a distinctive style?

    Elika June 20, 2009Reply

    Thank you everyone for your kind words about the song.
    Martin – you have heard this piece before as I played it for you on the piano a couple of years ago when you were in our home and I remember you commenting on how you enjoyed specific parts of it. 🙂

    Walter Heath June 20, 2009Reply

    What more can be said than the comments above. I love this! The arrangement of the vocals make me smile. Really big.

    Fereshteh June 20, 2009Reply


    Anonymous June 20, 2009Reply

    I smell the fragrance of your love and purity of heart in your music. With all love, Barbra

    Yasmin Farhoumand June 21, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika, beautiful composition and I love the two voices and two languages mingling. Hope to one day work with you on a song! Much love and keep up your wonderful and inspiring work.

    Zaynab June 21, 2009Reply

    Dearest Elika,
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece of music. I have the fondest memories of you teaching it to the Choir and singing for Naw Ruz. I remember closing my eyes during practice and feeling so enamored of the Blessed Beauty and His beautiful Writings that I could hardly contain myself! I will treasure this piece as a reminder of those blessed days in Beijing and looking forward to more! Happy 100th Blog!

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  • Jarome June 22, 2009Reply

    Congratulations on your 100th blog and the release of this new song!
    How wonderful it is that you take the time out of your busy schedule to communicate with your listeners and allow us to interact this way!
    Thank you for letting us into your life and the creative process of such a talented and precious soul, and for sharing your music with everyone with no expectations! Truly a gift.

    Maryam Tirandaz June 22, 2009Reply

    Elika joon, This is a beautiful piece! Thank you for sharing it and for putting your heart into your music.
    Much love,

    Sidney Garmroud June 22, 2009Reply

    Elika, the songs are just lovely!! It’s wonderful and truly uplifting!!

    Elika June 22, 2009Reply

    Thanks everyone for writing. Very sweet of you!

    William and Angel June 22, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika,
    It’s soooo beautiful!
    look forward to the chinese CD.

    Sandy Huening June 23, 2009Reply

    What an inspiration you are to me. Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with all of us. I love you. Sandy

    Sarah June 23, 2009Reply

    Wow, is all I can say!
    This is amazing, and the blend of languages and voices is so gorgeous!
    You’re one of the main persons I look up to in regards to music!

    Huang Ran June 24, 2009Reply

    ‘The Light In Thy Love’: Strengthening and merciful melody as descended from on high, with pure and simple voice, detached from all the sufferings and sorrows, a comfort of pains and tears, a sweet companion on the Path of thorns. Thank you, Elika, I forgot to say that.
    ‘Rose of Love’: Like refreshing dewdrops in the dawning light, Cheng Lin’s voice is waving in the tender breezes of Elika’s curling melody, both seeming to humbly set off each other, a super beautiful sign of sincere love and unity.
    ‘The Bird Which Soareth’: Deep-meditation-friendly environment created by emotional cello, piano and oboe, tranquille yet with rich expression.

    Gitty C. June 28, 2009Reply

    Thank you for the gift of soul stirring and uplifting music. God bless 🙂

    jaleh June 30, 2009Reply

    My love Elika
    Thank you for this precious and glorious piece. And congrats on your 100th. It is always such a joy listening to your divine music and voice and reading your blogs. I am always looking forward to reading and listening.
    love you ever

    Rita July 18, 2009Reply

    Dearest Elika,
    Thank you for this precious song. The combination of these precious Hidden Words in both Chinese and English in your beautiful and harmonious voices were truly soul stirring. Truly uplifting for the soul.
    love always,

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