Year-End Special for You!

It’s my birthday today and I would like to share a gift with you! For the first time, I’m having a Year-End special!
We’re offering a special for the ‘Birds of Love’ gift set (buy 1, get 1 free) as well as a discount on our ‘Fire and Gold’ CD from now till Dec 15.  The ‘Birds of Love’ gift set is ideal for weddings, anniversaries and loved ones.  For more details and info on the special, please click here.
I look forward to sharing another special gift in the next blog so stay tuned…
Hoping you have a wonderful year-end celebration with friends and family wherever you are.
Birds box


    jaleh December 2, 2009Reply

    What a special special gift! Bless you my love Elly for this amazing set of songs, prayers and divine music!

    Elika December 9, 2009Reply

    Thanks dear one. See you soon! 😀

    Sigi Guy December 17, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika,
    Yesterday I got the “Birds of Love gift set” I feel as if I got a treasure!
    Thank you Elika.

    Sherri January 9, 2010Reply

    What a fabulous treat – for the ears, the eyes, and the heart!

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