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New Video – Meditations for the Fast

New Video – Meditations for the Fast

‘Meditations for the Fast’ It includes some of my favorite passages from the writings for the Fast. I hope it elevates your day. 🙂

My post on Multicultural Kids Blog

I just finished writing a post for Multicultural Kids Blog and would love to share it.  To give you a brief summary, I wrote about fasting as a youth and my love for sports and how I grew to appreciate ..

Video for Long fasting prayer

During the fast, just after breakfast, at the hint of dawn, our family recites prayers to prepare us for the day and to feel the spirit of the fast. It is a special time of day – the most spiritual ..

Bahai Fasting Prayer

The Baha’i fast is well under way and I am often reminded of how precious these days are as the fast is an opportunity to reflect and meditate on the spiritual aspects of life.  Music plays a large part during ..

Send an Ayyam-i-Ha Gift of Music!

Are you still looking for a perfect gift to give for Ayyam-i-Ha?  My new ‘Meditations for the Fast’ album can be sent as a digital download!  Simply go to my website, click on the ‘Send as Gift’ button and fill ..

The new CDs are here!

I am over the moon!  The CDs and the envelopes arrived last night so I was able to send out the first batch of orders today! This album was initiated a few years ago when my son started to observe ..

NEW album released!

For the last several years I have been thinking about making a CD for the Fast since it is a unique time of year and music adds another spiritual dimension to this special period.  I’m so excited now to be ..