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Inspiration for the Bahai Fast

Inspiration for the Bahai Fast

Resources, music and videos for the Baha’i Fast to bring upliftment, joy and rejuvenation.

Bahá'í Fast Video – favorite quotations from the fast

As the Bahá’í fast is coming to an end, I thought I would post another video/slideshow  from  ‘Meditations for the Fast’.  The piece is called ‘Every Hour of These Days’ and contains some of my favorite quotations from the fast.  They ..

My post on Multicultural Kids Blog

I just finished writing a post for Multicultural Kids Blog and would love to share it.  To give you a brief summary, I wrote about fasting as a youth and my love for sports and how I grew to appreciate ..

Moments of Inspiration during the Fast

The season of Baha’i fasting has just begun and today is the first of 19 days.  It is a time of personal reflection, prayer, meditation and spiritual recuperation during which time we look at our lives and reflect on how ..