New Video – Meditations for the Fast

New Video – Meditations for the Fast

I hope you are having an inspiring beginning of the Fast.  

Yesterday we were studying a compilation titled ‘The importance of the Obligatory Prayer and Fasting’.  In it Bahá’u’lláh states that ‘Obligatory prayer is a ladder of ascent for the believer’.  I commented that He also says that ‘Music is a ladder for the soul…’ and noted how powerful it is when prayer and the writings are combined with music.  One of our participants chimed in, ‘Yes, then It’s like an elevator!’ 🙂

With that I am thrilled to share a new video titled ‘Meditations for the Fast’ It includes some of my favorite passages from the writings for this “season of restraint”.  The video is intended to provide a meditative reflection.  I hope it elevates your day. 🙂

Resources and Music for the Baha’i Fast

I am also happy to share a blog post with resources, videos and music to uplift you during these 19 days ‘endowed with a special virtue’.Just a reminder that the ‘Meditations for the Fast’ album is available on my website for download.  Here is the link. 

Meditations for the Fast - Elika Mahony

19 days to go!

I’m excited! 19 days till the release of the first piece from my upcoming album in honor of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. I can’t wait to share the song as well as the title of the new album with you!


    Mary Wilson March 3, 2021Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing your music and love for the Faith!

      Elika March 8, 2021Reply

      Thank you so much dear Mary for your kind words. It is my pleasure.

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