Bahai Fasting Prayer

The Baha’i fast is well under way and I am often reminded of how precious these days are as the fast is an opportunity to reflect and meditate on the spiritual aspects of life.  Music plays a large part during the fast as it uplifts the soul and nourishes the spirit.
A few years ago, I recorded this fasting prayer with my son.  The piece came together very naturally as I sang what came to my heart as he was playing some chords on the guitar so we decided to record it spontaneously.  It was so moving to be a channel and allow the inspiration to flow through me and to sing on the spot without preparation. I recently made this piece available on a new album I just released entitled ‘Meditations for the Fast’.  They are also available on CDbaby for fast shipping.
I posted a blog about this piece a couple of years ago with some detail about the composition process and how we decided to record it.
Here is a link to the complete album, ‘Meditations for the Fast’.
Below is the ‘Fasting Prayer’ for you to hear.  I hope it brings joy and blessings to your fast.

Below is an art print I created for my son’s first fast of the Fasting prayer.  It is available for download on Etsy.
Fasting prayer


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