A Gentle Meditation of the Soul…

I was in the mood to compose a spontaneous instrumental piece tonight.  Sometimes when I have a lot on my mind, playing the piano allows me to release my thoughts through the piano.  Just letting go and allowing what comes is truly a blissful process.  It’s like going on a thrilling adventure not knowing which way the road will turn nor where ones destination lies.  You simply have to trust and let go and once you do that… suddenly and magically you are swept away…
I’m sharing this piece with you in its rawest form and purposefully have left all the mistakes and wrong notes for you to hear.  There’s something charming about hearing a piece of music when it’s first inspired.  I felt that some of the wrong notes actually worked in the piece and the dissonance finally changed and gave meaning to the song.
This process of letting go and trusting is a gentle meditation of the soul.  I feel blessed to be able to enter this sacred journey and to share it with you. Here is the piece below:
I would love to hear what feeling the song evokes in you and if you have ideas for a title. I always love to hear your suggestions.


    Jarome December 7, 2010Reply

    Brilliant! Amazing what you come up with, really appreciate being able to work together

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  • Walter Heath December 12, 2010Reply

    “Journey’s End” is where I ended up after listening to this beautiful piece.

    Alex December 12, 2010Reply

    Uplifting and beautiful!

    jaleh December 14, 2010Reply

    Tenderness! Magical Moments! These are what this piece evokes in me. I love it!! I feel it could have gone on longer. U can change the subject too and go back to the beginning theme!
    love you

    Elika January 8, 2011Reply

    Thanks so much everyone. I think I will do more impromptu pieces after all the support and kind comments.

    Shohreh January 24, 2011Reply

    Lovely! Makes me think of raindrops.

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