Spontaneous Instrumental – The coming of Spring

The Baha’i New Year, Nawruz, is upon us. This is one of my favorite times of year. The beginning of spring, the new growth of buds sprouting in the garden and the warmth in the air all bring such joy and delight.  It is also a period of inward growth as a result of taking the time during the Fast to reflect upon the previous twelve months to prepare for the coming year. How perfect it is that Nawruz marks the passage from winter into spring and the start of a New Year!
About a week ago, as I was reflecting on the importance of the Fast and the coming of spring, I sat at the piano and played what came to my heart spontaneously. I love capturing through my music these moments of inspiration.  I never know what will come out till I play!
There’s a soft, lightness about this piece and then three quarters of the way through the song, you’ll notice a change begins to happen.  The music at that point reminded me of a bursting of spring.  Wishing you a most joyous Nawruz and a year full of love, light and blessings.

IMG_1730 - Version 2


    Glenn March 23, 2014Reply

    like the light sound of the piano keys. Very beautiful.

    Jaleh March 23, 2014Reply

    SO beautiful my love! Reflective, ponderous and simply beautiful… Happy Naw Ruz! Have a most wonderful year ahead.

    Jaleh March 23, 2014Reply

    May you continue to produce beautiful music for us all to get closer to our most Beloved one…

    Elika March 23, 2014Reply

    Thank you Glenn and Jalehjoon! Glad you enjoyed the piece.

    Sarmad Garmroud March 26, 2014Reply

    Absolutely loved it! The ‘burst of Spring’ was awesome! 🙂

    bret breneman March 30, 2014Reply

    Still, on a cold rainy March 30 in Virginia, this has the confident, delicate wistfulness of spring-soon-to-be (and the audio on my computer is fixed, so I can hear it properly–this exquisite gift). Thanks.

    Elika May 14, 2014Reply

    Thank you Sarmad and Bret. You are both such amazing supporters. So glad you enjoyed the instrumental.

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