Glimmerings Video Contest

Since the Glimmerings CD has been released, I’ve been thinking about creating videos for the pieces and would love your help. If you would like to create a video for one of these two songs on the Glimmerings album, Awakening or Realization, then please fill out the form below, be sure to check the contest box and both songs will be sent to you to choose from.  You can also listen to the songs by clicking the titles of the songs above.
For all those who participate in creating a video, there will be a gift of music for each entry and for the top video for each song, the prize is 4 of my albums: Edge of Forever (an EP), Fire and Gold, Birds of Love gift set and Glimmerings. Grand prize winner’s videos will also be published on my website and youtube profile.
The deadline for submitting your video is June 15th (please don’t forget to check the contest box to ensure the songs get to you).  So looking forward to seeing your creations!


    Zafarullah Hassim May 12, 2012Reply

    I wld like to give a try in creating a video for one of the two mentioned songs. Wld appreciate the sound tracks been sent and also info on what format to present the video.

    Elika May 13, 2012Reply

    Hi Zafarullah, I have sent the two songs to you already. Let me know if you received them. As far as the format goes, my tech person says that it doesn’t matter what format it is presented in as it can be changed later but at the end it will need to be sent through as the files will be quite large.

    jaleh May 13, 2012Reply

    It sounds great! I wish i were able to enter this contest! lucky those who can!

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