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Intuition & the Urge to Record

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  • I have learned to listen more closely to my intuition.  Today I had the strongest urge to record the vocals for a song I’ve been waiting to record since May of this year when I composed it.  This song is ..

    Recording in a Gorgeous New Studio!

    I had a wonderful recording session a couple of days ago in my producer’s new studio in Beijing. We have been waiting to record a new song entitled, ‘My Adored One’ which is a spiritual love song. It is prayerful ..

    A Magical Feeling

    I just completed a new composition and I must say it’s really hard to describe how I feel right now…  It’s such a blissful feeling to be able to give birth to a new creation.  I’ve never written a blog ..

    Exploring a New Style

    Recently I spent about a week in Vancouver recording new songs and working intensively on other projects in Jarome’s studio. Opportunities to work together in person are rare, so this was a wonderful chance to finally record and finish songs ..

    Playing the Role of Engineer

    Lately I’ve been working quite a bit in the studio playing the role of engineer and recording vocals for other musicians as well as some children that I teach in a class.  I was recording some inspirational quotations that the ..

    The Process of Recording

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  • I spent several days last week in Vancouver with my producer, Jarome, recording several songs for my upcoming CD on the theme of marriage. It will include a number of songs using quotations from various sources for the lyrics. I ..