Intuition & the Urge to Record

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  • I have learned to listen more closely to my intuition.  Today I had the strongest urge to record the vocals for a song I’ve been waiting to record since May of this year when I composed it.  This song is close to my heart because of the melody, the lyrics as well as the language.  It is sung in English and Spanish and is a duet with talented musician, Ali Youssefi.  We are working on this project long distance as I love his style of guitar and the emotion in his voice and felt that our voices are compatible.  Ali recorded the guitar and his vocals in a studio in Haifa, Israel and sent me the files to work on the vocals in Beijing, China! (How I love modern technology)!
    So today, for no reason, I suddenly felt a strong feeling that I should record the song.  It felt like the right moment.  Often when I’m required to record vocals for a certain song and I’m not quite in the mood, the feeling and emotion don’t come so easily and it sometimes takes a long time to achieve the vocal results that I want.  I have learned to seize those moments when my heart wants to sing.  Of course there are some challenges in working with this spontaneous method but I’m very lucky to work with a producer that is flexible and understanding of my needs for recording (thanks Jarome for sacrificing and making me a priority today)!
    As a result of listening to my intuition, today’s recording session went very smoothly and efficiently as I was able to connect with the words and the emotion in my voice was expressed with more fluidity and ease.  Here are the lyrics for the song which are from the Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah.  We are looking for a title for this song so please share your thoughts if you have any after looking at the lyrics below.
    “O Son of Being! Love Me, that I may love thee. If thou lovest Me not, My love can in no wise reach thee. Know this, O servant.” ~ Baha’u’llah

    Meeting Ali in Haifa, Israel for the first time - April 2011



      Jene Bellows November 25, 2011Reply

      See my Faceboook wall, where is the best spot or method to communicate with you?
      L:ove to you always…

      jaleh November 26, 2011Reply

      elly love how how wonderful! So happy for you and look forward to hearing it. I have been listening to Amelia and your prayers they are absolutely beautiful! Love them so. thanks for the beautiful CD and for your beautiful voice and the training you have given Milly too! love you

      Jarome November 27, 2011Reply

      Glad I could record this with you, it sounded great!
      It’s a blessing to be able to work with you in person, and I appreciate it a great deal after years of long distance collaboration. I hope I can assist with more of these spontaneous inspirations in the future when your feeling inspired, that is the best time.

      Elika November 28, 2011Reply

      Hi Jene! Glad I get to connect with you Facebook too! 🙂
      Jalehlove, so glad you’re enjoying the CD. Can’t wait for us to sing for you in person too.
      Jarome – how blessed am I to have you just next door so I can run over and record whenever I’m inspired. Thanks for making it all possible.

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