Recording in a Gorgeous New Studio!

I had a wonderful recording session a couple of days ago in my producer’s new studio in Beijing. We have been waiting to record a new song entitled, ‘My Adored One’ which is a spiritual love song. It is prayerful and full of feeling and emotion!  One of the main instruments is the acoustic guitar which is one of my favorite instruments to add to my compositions.  It brings a Spanish element to the piece which I love and is performed by Eric Harper, a hugely talented guitarist!
One of the challenges when recording is being able to let go completely and be comfortable in one’s surroundings so that the vocals come out smoothly and naturally. When a musician thinks too much about the technique of the vocals and perfection, it can become a hindrance and takes away from allowing the performer to truly let go.  I find that my best recordings happen when I am by myself as I am able to let go more easily especially when the piece is newly composed and there is a fresh spirit and lots of excitement which is hard to reproduce.  I am learning to let go of the barriers that I have created for myself and recently recording with my patient and encouraging producer allowed me to feel the song completely and let go of the perfection and high standards I have set for myself.  Once I was able to do that, the vocals and emotion flowed.  It was a blissful experience and I look forward to recording more vocals very soon!
Below are photos of my producer’s new studio in Beijing.  It is a beautiful and large space and has a wonderful feel about it. It’s any artists dream to be able to record there!


    Zaynab June 5, 2011Reply

    Beautiful! Amazing what is possible in China 🙂

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  • feri June 6, 2011Reply

    can’t wait to hear your new song!

    Jarome June 6, 2011Reply

    Thanks Elika, I’m so pleased you not only appreciate the studio but were able to come up with such an incredible vocal performance for My Adored One on your first session!
    I think it was proof that you actually can come up with performances in the studio that are as good as the ones you do on your own.
    Which is so nice for me, it’s a bit humbling for a producer that an artist get a better performance without you, it’s usually the other way around!
    I finally posted more photos and details about the studio:

    Laura June 8, 2011Reply

    So happy you had such an awesome vocal experience! I can totally relate to trying to get past the desire for perfection and into true feeling and pure expression. Not always easy to get there, but so exhilarating and rewarding when it happens! Wishing you lots more such experiences!

    Elika June 8, 2011Reply

    Yes Zaynabjoon – it is amazing to have such a studio here. When you move back, I’ll have to give you a tour. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you all!
    Thanks Ferijoon – hoping you’re doing well. We miss you!
    You’re right Jarome – I have been able to let go lately and feel the emotions and the music. It was such a wonderful experience singing in your studio that I’m hooked. Can’t wait for the next recording session!
    Thanks Laura! Lovely to hear from you. I’m sure you’re enjoying your little one immensely. These are precious times. I’m sure you’ve been doing a lot of singing especially for your sweet one! He is a lucky one!

    jaleh June 11, 2011Reply

    Elly Love longing to hear ‘My Adored One’! Congrats for your new compositions! love hugs

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