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Where there is love…

This is one of my favourite quotations on love from Abdu’l-Baha which I included on an album I released a few years ago entitled ‘Birds of Love’.  A few days ago, I shared a link to a new page on ..

Birds of Love Gift set 20% Off!

Friends often ask me for wedding gift ideas.  Material gifts are often what come to mind, but a few years ago I felt that I would really like to have something more meaningful to celebrate such an important occasion in ..

The Joy of making Specialty Cards

One of the activities that brings me great joy is making specialty cards.  It is a form of therapy and allows me to delve into another creative outlet besides music.  I started making them professionally a few years ago when ..

Who are you grateful for today?

During the fasting period, I often remind myself of those I am grateful for in my life.  I think you’ll have an idea of who that is once you read this lovely passage below (click on the passage itself for ..

Chinese Illustrations in Birds of Love

Here is a sneak peek of one of the pages within the quotation book that we compiled in Birds of Love.  I love how all the paintings are Chinese illustrations and each page has a different, elegant painting.   Since I ..

A New Look…

We’ve made changes to the website!  We realized that it was starting to become busy with all the new information on there and we wanted to make the website more organized.  Here are a few of the recent changes: Restructuring ..