Chinese Illustrations in Birds of Love

Here is a sneak peek of one of the pages within the quotation book that we compiled in Birds of Love.  I love how all the paintings are Chinese illustrations and each page has a different, elegant painting.   Since I have a passion for art, in preparing for Birds of Love, I so enjoyed the mingling of music combined with art as well as the collection of beautiful quotations to create a unique package.  Below is the second page of the book which has the lyrics of one of the songs on the CD, ‘Where there is Love’.  We thought about every detail such as the quality and thickness of the paper, the gloss on the pages to bring out the vivid colors in the paintings as well as the gold lettering on the first letter of each quote.  To see more paintings in the book, you can view the video for the Birds of Love gift set.


    negar November 5, 2009Reply

    So beautiful!

    Keith Williams November 5, 2009Reply

    Hi Elika……I just listened to “Love Is Patient” and it’s a beautiful song. As always
    you sing wonderfully and with great feeling. Jarome’s arrangement with the flute and cello give the song a serene, smooth feeling. Keep up the great work. Phil and
    I hope to see you again sometime next year. If you get back to San Francisco, please contact me. Take care———-Keith

    jaleh November 6, 2009Reply

    I am constantly listening and enjoying every breath! Thank you so…

    Sherri November 7, 2009Reply


    Coral Jentz-Fofanah November 25, 2009Reply

    Hi Elika! I am listening to This is Faith and the video is incredible. Had no idea it was the guardian’s life. This quote gives me strength. Saw the Birds video too. Notice you use Bahai and Native-American imagery. I am on an incredible healing journey and from your videos believe you have been too. My soul was conceived as a Bahai near what was once Wounded Knee in South Dakota, I lived in China with my family and mostly without from 1998-2000 to Shantou, China. Currently I am writing the stories of the Bahais on the rez in South Dakota and New Mexico, North America for my masters thesis, the rest of my family has moved to the rez in S, married to a Muslim man from Gambia, West Africa, and trying to find a job at a community college and heal from my illness which has been progressively getting worse since we sold our home to go to China. I love the Chinese music on Rose of Love and the quote has been passed onto me by my Bahai aunt and grandma, two African-American pioneers who went to China for two years and convinced my family to go and sang at the Bahai World Congress which I went to at 13.
    Your art has given me new strength.
    Thanks for sharing it with the world!
    Coral Shirin Jentz-Fofanah (Xiaoxing) (DayBreak Star)

    Andrés December 5, 2009Reply

    Hi Elika. Do you know wich is the reference of ‘Abdúl-Bahá’s quote “Where there is Love”.
    Thanks for your work.

    Elika December 7, 2009Reply

    Many thanks Keith. We were blessed to have the talent of a wonderful composer and musician, Farshid Samandari, who assisted with the arrangements of the violin and flute.
    Lovely to hear from you Coral. Yes the words of the poem, ‘This is Faith’ is powerful and I felt it would be even more powerful set to music. Glad it touched you. ‘Rose of Love’ will be on our new CD, ‘Meditations of the Spirit’ which will be ready soon! Enjoy!
    Hi Andres, the quote you mentioned is based on words attributed to Abdu’l-Baha in Portals to Freedom, p. 52.

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