The Joy of making Specialty Cards

One of the activities that brings me great joy is making specialty cards.  It is a form of therapy and allows me to delve into another creative outlet besides music.  I started making them professionally a few years ago when I released the Birds of Love gift set (limited edition) which is accompanied by hand made specialty cards (you can read more about that in this post).  I now make them for individual orders and custom make them depending on the particular request.   Different options are on the website in the Specialty Card section.
Each card is unique in that no two of them look exactly alike because of the technique I use to make them.  There are several stages in creating these cards which can be quite a laborious process – cutting the cardboard to different sizes, the painting process (which needs time to dry), mounting the miniature painting and placing the quotation on the card, making the gold envelope from scratch, adding the text inside and finally dripping sealing gold wax on the outer envelope (this is a recent touch and my favorite part).
Just today I completed an order that someone placed for his friend’s birthday in Ecuador.  I love knowing that these cards will reach corners of the earth that I may never travel too.  That idea excites me as well as knowing that it will bring joy to someone’s day.
Below are some photos of today’s creation (I love the gold rose sealing wax on the gold envelope) and the quotation used: “What a power is love! It is the most wonderful, the greatest of all living powers.” – Baha’u’llah
I would love to hear your thoughts/ideas of other quotations you think would be suitable for a birthday greeting card or a special occasion…


    jarome September 10, 2013Reply


    bret breneman September 11, 2013Reply

    This work is exquisitely beautiful, Elika. What loving care and ability are embodied in them. What are your prices?

    Jaleh September 11, 2013Reply

    What joy you bring to us all!

    Elika September 10, 2016Reply

    Thank you so much Jarome, Bret and Jaleh.
    Bret, the prices are on the website. Click on the link above – ‘Specialty card secion’ and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says ‘Single card with gold envelope’.

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