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Friends often ask me for wedding gift ideas.  Material gifts are often what come to mind, but a few years ago I felt that I would really like to have something more meaningful to celebrate such an important occasion in one’s life.  So the idea came to me of creating an album on the theme of love and marriage accompanied by a book of uplifting quotations to remind couples of the beauty and sacredness of marriage. That’s how my album ‘Birds of Love’ came into being.  Since then, I have heard from many friends who have used the music during their weddings or who have given the gift set to friends and loved ones getting married. When I created it I also envisioned people using the instrumental versions to sing the pieces at weddings and to my delight this has happened several times.
As Valentines Day is coming up, I have put the Birds of Love gift set on sale and it is now discounted by 20%!
Here’s the full description (or skip to below to see the video):  The Birds of Love book and CD gift set is a gorgeous silk covered book of inspiring quotes on the theme of love and marriage specially chosen from different sources (including the Bible, Native American traditions, and the Baha’i Writings) that inspire and move the reader. Each page of quotations has a different illustration of exquisite Chinese paintings. Inside the book is a five song CD of songs on the theme of love and marriage with five additional instrumental tracks for live performances and background at special events.
Each Birds Of Love book is handmade with a slightly different pattern of gold silk fabric. There are various options available for this unique package, the standard gold book and CD gift set, and a limited edition gift set with a choice of two different fabric covers, autographed, with a beautiful hand-made gift card with gold envelope.
The video below shows you what’s inside the booklet.  It is a perfect wedding or anniversary gift or even a special present to any loved one.  If you would like to order 10 or more please contact me for further discounts. For more details about the package and how to order, please click here.
As all orders will be shipped from China, please allow 2-3 weeks!

Birds of Love side 2 for Etsy

Birds of Love gift set

One of the pages inside the Birds of Love gift set

One of the pages inside the Birds of Love gift set


    Sarmad Garmroud January 20, 2016Reply

    Absolutely love it! May you always be blessed! 🙂

    jaleh January 22, 2016Reply

    Me too!! What a precious gift to have for all times!

    Elika January 25, 2016Reply

    Thank you so much Sarmad and Jalehjoon! May you both be blessed. 🙂

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