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Lyrics for Eternal Beloved

I’d like to thank those of you who wrote comments on the previous blog about Eternal Beloved.  Thank you so much for your kind words!  I feel very supported by you all and was so touched by your comments.  In ..

Eternal Beloved Cover Artwork!

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  • I’m thrilled to share with you that our song ‘Eternal Beloved’ is finally finished and will be released this week on itunes!  We have made it available for now as a digital download and are in the process of making ..

    Final Touches On Our Latest Song: Eternal Beloved

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  • Amongst several other projects I’ve been working on lately, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on my latest song, Eternal Beloved which I blogged about recently. Completing a song requires an intricate process of listening with all the instruments perfectly ..

    An Exciting New Song

    Recently I’ve been working on songs in a new style which is quite different from the previous CDs I’ve worked on.  Two years ago my producer gave me an instrumental rhythm and a basic music track to create melodies for.  ..