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  • Lyrics for Eternal Beloved

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    I’d like to thank those of you who wrote comments on the previous blog about Eternal Beloved.  Thank you so much for your kind words!  I feel very supported by you all and was so touched by your comments.  In the last blog, I didn’t share much about the words of Eternal Beloved.  The lyrics were inspired by the writings of Baha’u’llah, particularly passages taken from the Fire Tablet.

    I would usually describe more about the song but I want to keep the mystery of the meaning and allow you to interpret it for yourselves.  I would love to hear what the song means to you.  Here are the lyrics below:

    Verse 1
    Alone in the darkness of desolation
    Where is the light of Thy love
    My longing hands are lifted to heaven
    Raise me up to the heavens above

    O my beloved, my desire
    O spirit of the worlds
    The warmth of your love is wind to my fire
    A priceless gift, a precious pearl

    Verse 2
    Consumed in the fire of separation
    Send down the rain of thy grace
    Awaiting the breezes of confirmation
    Anticipating that wondrous place

    O my beloved, my desire
    O spirit of the worlds
    Thy presence lifts me higher and higher
    A priceless gift, a precious pearl

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      jaleh April 23, 2011Reply

      El I didn’t know the words were inspired by the Fire Tablet. What a wonderful work you have done! it’s absolutely beautiful!! people love it!

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