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Worldwide Launch of Eternal Beloved

Prosoul, the company that helps me promote my music, has started a worldwide radio campaign for ‘Eternal Beloved‘ to FM radio stations, internet and satellite radio, DJ’s and pod casters in the New Age/World category.  This is the first time ..

Eternal Beloved Released!

We’re thrilled to finally release our new song ‘Eternal Beloved’!!  It has been a long journey giving birth to this project as there have been several challenges along the way so it makes it even more special to be able ..

Eternal Beloved Cover Artwork!

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  • I’m thrilled to share with you that our song ‘Eternal Beloved’ is finally finished and will be released this week on itunes!  We have made it available for now as a digital download and are in the process of making ..

    Final Touches On Our Latest Song: Eternal Beloved

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  • Amongst several other projects I’ve been working on lately, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on my latest song, Eternal Beloved which I blogged about recently. Completing a song requires an intricate process of listening with all the instruments perfectly ..