Final Touches On Our Latest Song: Eternal Beloved

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  • Amongst several other projects I’ve been working on lately, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on my latest song, Eternal Beloved which I blogged about recently.
    Completing a song requires an intricate process of listening with all the instruments perfectly balanced and equalized and seeing whether the voice still comes through strongly.  We constantly ask ourselves: Does anything seem out of place? How does it sound on different types of stereos and headphones? How do the added effects influence the song and the vocals?
    Eternal Beloved is a particularly challenging song to perfect in this way, as it is unlike any other song  we have worked on.  It has exotic instruments I’ve never featured in my music (such as the Oud and the Tabla) and is one of my longest songs at almost 6 minutes. It also blends sounds and styles of many cultures that aren’t typically used together, so it takes some thought to get it right.
    I think it would be quite surprising to many (just as it has been to me) to realize what goes into creating and completing a song like this!  I have enjoyed the process of watching my producer at work on each aspect of the song and seeing how much time is involved in perfecting all the details makes me realize how little I knew about creating a song.
    I’m excited about this new creation, (and hope that it will be completed in about a week), so much so that I am going to release it on it’s own rather than wait for other songs to be completed. I am also considering putting it on a CD with the 3 other songs I released recently.  I would love to hear what you think of this idea. Looking forward to sharing it soon!


      jaleh February 28, 2011Reply

      What a great idea! Can’t wait to hear them…

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