Inspiration for the Bahai Fast

Inspiration for the Bahai Fast

The Baha’i fasting period is a time for slowing down and reflecting on life and connecting with the spirit.  It is one of my favorite times of year.

Many friends have shared they have been listening to my album ‘Meditations for the Fast’ created for the Fast.  I am deeply grateful for all the kind and encouraging words. Click on the photo below to listen to the full album.

Videos for the Fast

Here are some of my top video picks to inspire you throughout the Bahá’í Fast:

1. Meditations for the Fast 

2. ‘Invocation from the Long Fasting Prayer‘ as well as a post about the song and how it was inspired.

3. ‘Every Hour of These Days-Quotations for the Bahá’í Fast’

4. Video for the Invocation for the Long Fasting Prayer

5. Video of quotations for the Fast set to Music

6. Prayer for Protection

7. Armed with the Power of Thy Name Video

8. Facebook live Video sharing what inspired the making of the album ‘Meditations for the Fast

Youtube Playlist for the Fast

I’m excited to share a YouTube playlist featuring some of my favorite prayers and writings for you to enjoy during the Fast:


Spotify Playlist for the Fast

For those of you on Spotify, here is a Spotify playlist of music for the Fast.  I have included music from many talented Baha’i musicians.

Lofty Notes Facebook Group

I started this Facebook Group a few years ago to share music from various talented Baha’i Inspired musicians.  Join the group here.

Inspiring Blogs for the Fast

Below are a few blogs I wrote during the Fast:

1. Moments of inspiration during the Fast

2. Baha’i fasting and creativity

3. Music inspirations during the Fast

4. A Time for Reflection

5. Recording while Fasting

6. Facebook live video about the Fast and the inspiration behind ‘Meditations for the Fast’ album

&. Favorite quotations from the Fast

8. Bend into Conformity – Reflection

May these precious days bring you many blessings!

Fasting photo - Elika Mahony


    Kimberly Gila March 8, 2018Reply

    Hello elika beautiful song for international women’s day. Happy Fasting to you as well.

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