Moments of Inspiration during the Fast

The season of Baha’i fasting has just begun and today is the first of 19 days.  It is a time of personal reflection, prayer, meditation and spiritual recuperation during which time we look at our lives and reflect on how we can strive to better ourselves in the next year. 

During these 19 days, I would like to share inspiring quotations or meaningful happenings in my life with you.  Please feel free to share moments of inspiration in your daily lives too so that others will benefit.
This morning I listened to this beautiful quotation which I love and wanted to share it with you.

Listen to the piece here.

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    Manuela March 2, 2011Reply

    I want to thank you of the oportunity to share something with you and bahai friends.
    It is incredible how food could taste better in fast time! do you think!? I believe that it is because we realize how important is feed our selfs with spiritual food and material food!
    Best regards

    jaleh March 4, 2011Reply

    My moments of inspiration are to hear the birds chirping and praising God while i pray! Since our heart is more tender at these times I can feel so much more than usual and understanding of prayers and writings become more clear thus one gains better insight not only into oneself but also the Will of God.
    Thank you my precious one for all your talents and capacities you share with us all.
    love you so…..

    mehraz March 13, 2011Reply

    i enjoy this composition so much and it seems it doesn’t matter how often one listens to it, t still brings so much pleasure. mehraz

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