Eric Harper in Concert in Beijing

I’ve had the pleasure of having Eric Harper stay with us for the last 10 days.  He was invited to China to participate in Cheng Lin’s Peony Festival concert in Luo Yang.  During his stay we’ve had some opportunities to work on some music together and have come up with a lovely new song for my new original album which I look forward to sharing (he also plays on a couple other pieces on the CD).  More on that later…
Last night as we were consulting, we decided to have a house concert for Eric to share his wonderful music with friends.  After some thought we felt we would be limiting the number of people who could attend if it were held in our home.   So I felt inspired to ask Jin R whether she would agree to have the concert at the Green T. Living where I performed for my debut ‘Fire and Gold’ concert last year. Of course Jin R graciously accepted.  
Eric describes himself as being like a chameleon.  He is a talented composer and vocalist and what makes him unique is that he can create any style of music when asked.  He is highly entertaining as he can charm and move his listener with his soft ballads or classical pieces as well as bringing an edge with his music when he plays rock or flamenco.  He will be playing varied pieces at the concert and I’m thrilled to be able to join him singing on one of his compositions called ‘Say God sufficeth’.  KC Porter may also make a special appearance at the concert.  Click here to listen to some of Eric’s music. 
The concert will be held in the Tea Reflection Room at the Green T. House Living overlooking the Black Mirror Pond and pagoda. (The Tea Reflection Room is located directly behind the White Pavilion).
Cost: Your contribution is most appreciated.
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 7:30pm
Please invite your friends and RSVP to 13601137132 or  All are welcome!  Click here to see the map to the Green T. Living


    Jarome April 9, 2009Reply

    Sounds fantastic, wish I could be there!
    Elika, You neglected to mention your exciting new original songs that Eric played on!
    Amazing stuff, can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

    jaleh April 10, 2009Reply

    My Sweet one
    How can we get to hear these new songs? Can’t wait, can’t wait!

    Elika April 11, 2009Reply

    Yes Jarome – wish you were here! I look forward to blogging more about the songs that we are working on with Eric. I look forward to blogging about them in more detail later…
    Jalehjoon – maybe I can get someone to videotape part of the concert. We’ll see…

    Auntieclare and Jon April 15, 2009Reply

    We are so very happy for you Elika joon . What amazing talent surrounding you, you so deserve it because you are such a gift. All the best .

    Elika April 23, 2009Reply

    Awww – thanks Auntieclare for your sweet words. Thinking of you and your amazing project!

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