'Pun Intended' Wangjing Soho performance

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  • Last Friday evening, my son and the band he plays with, ‘Pun Intended’, were invited to perform for the opening of Wangjing SOHO Beijing, a major office complex designed by renowned architect, Zaha Hadid!
    The band has been playing together for the last few years and have really grown and developed their own sound.  They looked so comfortable on stage and the crowd loved their performance.  Afterwards so many young ladies surrounded them and asked to have their photos taken together.  I’m so proud of what they have accomplished so far and look forward to them recording an EP hopefully in the spring if they are able to find the time.
    This is the bands last year together (they are all in the 12th grade) so it truly was a privilege for them to have performed for such an occasion.  Below are some photos from the opening…
    DSC_0197 - Version 2


      Helen September 26, 2014Reply

      Congratulations to Taraz and the rest of the band! Can we listen anywhere online Elika my love?

      Elika September 26, 2014Reply

      Darling Helen, hopefully they will make an EP in the spring if they have time. I don’t think they have anything on the web at this time…

      Firuz Oskooi October 22, 2014Reply

      I can see why you are such a proud mother. May God help and bless them.

      Addis October 23, 2014Reply

      Dear Elika, It is true what is a popular say, that the achievments of the children is a faimily effort. Beautiful picture of the wholef amily, Congratulations to you and your son!

      Elika November 26, 2014Reply

      Thanks Firuz! I am so very proud of him.
      Thank you so much Addis. I hope you and your wonderful family are well.

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