Replay for Elika’s Live concert

Replay for Elika’s Live concert

What a pleasure it was going live on Facebook and Instagram this morning!  I so enjoyed singing for friends around the world in the hopes that it would bring joy and solace.

Click here to watch the replay on Facebook.

Below are the prayers and quotations I sang along with the time stamps. I chose these passages specifically for the challenges we are facing today. (I have linked the original recording of the songs below as well). Enjoy!

6:32 The Everlasting Beauty (from the ‘Fire and Gold’ album on the theme of tests and difficulties)

10:46 Boundless Love (from the album ‘Infinite Bounty’ on the theme of detachment)

17:53 Detached from All Save Thee (from the album ‘Infinite Bounty’)

24.20 The Healing Prayer (not recorded yet)

28:30 I adjure Thee Chant (a call and response prayer)

34:45 The Power of Thy Name (from the album ‘Fire and Gold’)

40:22 Remover of Difficulties (from the album ‘The Exalted One’)

46:00 At All Times (planning to record this for my upcoming album in honor of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá). Happy to give you a sneak peak. 🙂

Last minute I decided to also go live on Instagram which will be available for the next 15 hours and then it will automatically be deleted.

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Wishing you safety, health and protection.

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