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Edge of Forever CD version now available!

I recently released an EP entitled Edge of Forever which consists of 3 songs called ‘Listen’, ‘Missing You’ and ‘Edge of Forever’. Up till now it has only been available as downloads on several different sites but now you can ..

Responses to Edge of Forever

About a month ago, we released 3 original songs on my website from my new EP, Edge of Forever, and I’d like to share some of the feedback I’ve been receiving about them.  I was so excited and a little ..

Celebrating Valentines Day with a Song

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Chinese New Year! I wanted to share a quote with you on this blog and a song I recently released on the theme of love.  It’s called Missing you and you can read more about ..

My First Love Song: Missing You

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  • I’m so excited to share with you my second new release, a ballad called ‘Missing You’.  The inspiration for this song came from different sources for me, my husband who travels quite often and also a close friend who passed ..