My First Love Song: Missing You

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  • I’m so excited to share with you my second new release, a ballad called ‘Missing You’.  The inspiration for this song came from different sources for me, my husband who travels quite often and also a close friend who passed on 2 years ago.  Some friends who heard the song before it was released shared that it affected them very personally and reminded them of someone special in their lives.  I’m so glad that the song has meaning for those who have heard it and has moved them in some way.
    Once again, Eric Harper wields his talent in adding his beautiful guitar compositions to this piece.  This song required great emotional expression in the vocals.  I was hoping to capture that in the recording but found it quite challenging to bring out the deep emotions of the song at first.  After reflecting on the words and with some encouragement from my producer, I was finally able to let go and allow the emotion to come through.
    You may be surprised to hear that the lyrics are quite a departure from my previous songs that I’ve sung.  I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different topics and the subject of love is one that inspires me.  I would love to hear your thoughts and what memories the song evokes for you?
    Missing You and my other 2 new songs, Edge of Forever, and Listen are available to download from your favorite online music stores now.
    More links will be posted on my Music page soon.


      Rick February 4, 2010Reply

      My first thought was, “Who’s playing that guitar?” So, I pulled up this page to ask that question, only to find the answer already in the part of your post that’s not in the RSS feed. Eric is very good, and his touch is essential to the mood of the song. Very nice altogether.

      Katharine Key February 4, 2010Reply

      Beautiful. Your voice is unmistakable. Like the vocal layering & of course love Eric’s guitar. Nice job.

      Megan Raines February 4, 2010Reply

      Your voice is beautiful, as ever! I loved hearing your thoughts in music!

      Felisha February 4, 2010Reply

      I truly felt the emotion coming through in your voice and the music! Bravo!

      Phil Morrison February 5, 2010Reply

      ……your voice….the song…..the guitar…..the production…!!! phil

      Sarmad February 5, 2010Reply

      Beautiful song, dear Elika. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      jaleh February 6, 2010Reply

      I listened with my friend Cici who is your next fan! She was in tears! i had goose pimples throughout… Elika! What have you done?! This is one of many many albums to come i know. It is truly amazing. Have no words. thank you my love for you, for the One who created you for the One Who sustains you and inspires you. You are a shining star in the heavens… love and longing

      jaleh February 6, 2010Reply

      How i miss you dear love Elly… This song just goes through every bone, tissue, atom of your body! Thanks love

      Farzam February 9, 2010Reply

      Its beautiful, Elly joon! Thanks so much for your music. It means so much to so many!

      Anonymous February 11, 2010Reply

      Elika, This is beautiful. Glad I finally visited your blog. Such lovely and inspiring work. Thank you dear.

      Tina Olyai February 13, 2010Reply

      Absolutely enchanting Elika joon…..!!!!!

      Mejdi February 14, 2010Reply

      Beautiful and uplifting as usual, thanks for this precious gift

      Muni February 14, 2010Reply

      On this Valentines Day, it was so moving to receive this soul-stirring gift from you dearest Elika Joon. It made me think of my beloved Dad who passed away 2 years ago this weekend…. thank you… thank you Elika! Your music is a true gift! Much love.

      Elika February 14, 2010Reply

      Thanks everyone for your precious comments. I’m so glad the song seemed to have moved you all. Many thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Leona Hosack February 14, 2010Reply

      What a beautiful song and a beautiful voice! Nice arrangement too! Very moving! Thank you.

      Varya February 16, 2010Reply

      Dear, I am so glad to hear the final draft of this song. It is amazing and beautiful! Thank you for this gift!

      Marshall Royse February 23, 2010Reply

      A truly beautiful song, you have such a lovely voice! It stires up feelings and make me think and miss friends that have past on. Thank you.

      Chantale Baillache February 24, 2010Reply

      Beautiful song,
      Melodios voice
      I greatly appreciate!

      Alice February 28, 2010Reply

      I’m not a native speaker, so can’t get all your lyrics but can feel some kind of despaire in your voice. Just keep working on it.

      Janet February 28, 2010Reply

      I like this song very much. I miss you too.

      Elika March 8, 2010Reply

      Dear ones, I appreciate your feedback since this is a new venture. 🙂 Thanks again for your kind words.

      Walter Heath April 13, 2010Reply

      Great songwriting Elika! Your singing is superb, and i love the background vocals. Top-notch production!

      Jarome April 17, 2010Reply

      Isn’t that a testament to your incredible performance on this song that a friend could feel your emotion without even understanding the words?
      Your ever blossoming abilities are clearly evident on this song Elika, not only through your gorgeous voice and soaring melodies, but the level of emotion that has taken your performance to even greater heights!
      Fantastic job Elika! I’m blessed to work with such talent and such a wonderful human being.

      Elika April 19, 2010Reply

      Thanks Walter for your sweet words! The background vocals are some of my favorites too! And of course you know who is responsible for the top-notch production! 😀
      Jarome – Thanks for bringing out the best in the song and my vocals. Really couldn’t have been done without your encouragement! Look forward to recording many more incredible songs with you!

      Glenn Franco Simmons May 15, 2010Reply

      Thank you, Elika. Beautiful. My mind is flooded with the precious love of my parents, both of whom recently made the transition.
      Keep experimenting.
      My wife Kathleen and I are listening to it right now.

      Elika May 16, 2010Reply

      Thanks Glenn! I’m so glad the song brought out the love of your parents. So exciting that this song brings out personal meaning for each individual.

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