Edge of Forever CD version now available!

I recently released an EP entitled Edge of Forever which consists of 3 songs called ‘Listen’, ‘Missing You’ and ‘Edge of Forever’. Up till now it has only been available as downloads on several different sites but now you can purchase an audio CD version of the EP on amazon.com. Click here for the link. I have written about the songs in more detail in the following blogs.  Please click on the titles to read more about each song.
Edge of Forever
Missing You
I have also written about exploring a new style and how excited I am to go in a new direction. If you haven’t already heard the music, have a listen and drop me a line to let me know which is your favorite.


    felisha May 3, 2010Reply

    That’s so cool! Yay!

    jaleh May 4, 2010Reply

    Wonderful Elly!

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