A Humble Angel

Just a few hours ago my beloved uncle, Abbas Ehsani, winged his flight to the next world.  He was one of the most humble and gentle souls.  I feel so grateful to have known him and to have grown up in his presence.
When I woke up this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about my uncle.  I decided to compose a spontaneous instrumental piano piece in his honor knowing that his earthly life would soon be coming to a close.  I sat down at the piano, thought about his precious soul, pressed record and then began to play what came to my heart.
The piece is called ‘A Humble Angel’ (you can listen below).  
I later learned that as I was spontaneously recording his piece at the piano, he was taking his last breaths in this world.
Kindly pray for the progress of his soul and keep his family in your prayers. (In the photo below, my uncle is seated next to me in the grey sweater).
Below is the piano piece ‘A Humble Angel’ :
(Click the arrow to start playing the song).


    Colette Harrison April 24, 2018Reply

    Dear Elika – Such a beautiful and moving tribute to your uncle as only you could offer. I could tell a lot about him from your melody as well as your feelings about his impact on your life! He certainly remains with you, although now from the Unseen Realms. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    Samira Samimi-Moore April 24, 2018Reply

    I’m speechless…what synchronicity! It’s all other worldly. Thank you for sharing all of it with us. Prayers your uncle’s way~

    Cheri King April 24, 2018Reply

    What a beautiful and loving song / tribute! It brought tears to my eyes, though I had never met him.

    Nicky April 24, 2018Reply

    What a great tribute to your beloved uncle .May his soul soars in the Abha Kingdom in company of angels .Our condolences to all the family

    Gamal & Somaya Hassan April 24, 2018Reply

    Dearest Elika,
    Somaya and I are shocked an much saddened at this news. Abbas joon was a landmark from many angles: first his pioneering to Africa and nurturing generations after generations of African Baha’is. Second, his excellence at being an exemplary husband and dad, thus raising his children to the lofty principles that he has always embodied. Third, his daring sacrificial act of entering the lion’s den in Iran to rescue his dear parents from the clinches of that ferocious enemy of the Faith: the clergy, accepting to offer himself as a ransom so that they may get out to the safety and the nurturing care of the family in Nairobi. Last, the way he conducted himself while a captive in the hands of those enemies, winning their respect such that they eventually allowed him to go. When he returned, one could see the transformation that this unique experience had on him. In fact, dear Susan was baffled to see a different soul return to her arms. And into this transformed condition he continued to live among us thereafter. May your noble soul, dear Abbas joon, continue to progress in all God’s worlds. We will miss you dearly.

    Kimberly Gila April 24, 2018Reply

    Beautiful music in honor of your beloved uncle.

    Glenn Franco Simmons April 24, 2018Reply

    Beautiful. I’m sure your Uncle appreciates it.

    Shiva Yan April 25, 2018Reply

    Very beautiful and deeply moving! Thank you dear Elika for sharing this. Indeed a blessed soul. He will no doubt continue serving in the realm above.

    Elika April 25, 2018Reply

    Thank you all for your loving and kind comments and prayers.

    Lea Gentile April 28, 2018Reply

    Thank you dear Elika for sharing this moving experience and your spontaneous expressions through music. You accompanied your uncle in spirit to the unseen realms. Love to you, prayers for the progress of his soul and Ridvan greetings to all your family from Lea in Shenzhen.

      Elika April 28, 2018Reply

      Thank you so much dearest Lea for your prayers for the progress of his soul.

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