Recording the Long Healing Prayer

Recording the Long Healing Prayer

Many friends have been asking if we are ok due to the virus that has emerged in China… All is well and in fact it has given me the opportunity to stay home and work on music projects – one that is very close to my heart…

My sweet one-year-old nephew, Ruhi, was born with Down Syndrome and a hole in his heart.  Recently he was supposed to undergo heart surgery but thankfully the doctors decided it could wait another 2 years when his heart valves are stronger.

Meanwhile one of the youth who grew up in my neighborhood, Haydn Robarts, has a rare form of cancer and is battling a 3rd round of intense chemotherapy.  He is 19 and a close friend of our family.

Please keep both these precious souls in your prayers.  I know that prayers from friends around the world will mean so much to these two special families.

When I heard that my nephew needed this surgery and that Haydn needed a challenging treatment, I decided the best gift I could give them would be to set the Long Healing Prayer to music.

This music project has been one of the most challenging pieces I have ever set to music due to the length of the prayer. The prayer has a beautiful rhythm and being able to sing the words repeatedly has been a very special experience.  I can’t wait to share it with you…

I was reflecting today on the urgency and timeliness of composing and recording this prayer at this moment with all the crises happening in the world.

[NOTE – the Long Healing Prayer is now released! You can download 2 versions of the prayer here.]

You can pre-order the song by making a donation. Whatever amount you wish to donate will be most gratefully appreciated.

>>> Pre-order the Long Healing prayer <<<

As soon as the piece is complete (hopefully within the next month or two), I will send all donors the song by email with a beautiful digital print of the prayer.

To learn more about Down Syndrome, click here. I have learned that children with Down Syndrome have a very special place in this world. I met Ruhi for the first time a few months ago and immediately fell in love with his beauty, his joy of life, and his sweet nature.

On another note – I am having my first music G I V E A W A Y  on Instagram!  Click here to enter.

Ruhi with Elika


    Michele Brown-Ramirez January 30, 2020Reply

    Hi Elika. Your words and sentiment were very touching. My husband and I have a son with Autism and he has had it all his life, he is now 14 years old and we all have really struggled with this, especially Joseph our son. Thank you for making this song, it means a lot to us all and we will make a donation at the beginning of the month of February when we get paid. Best of luck and love to you can’t wait to hear the song! Many blessings to you.
    Much love,
    Michele and Carlos and Joseph Brown-Ramirez

      Elika January 31, 2020Reply

      Thank you dearest Michele. Sending you so much love for your kind support.

    Sarmad January 31, 2020Reply

    Wonderful! Can’t wait to hear that special prayer set to music. And may your dear family be always blessed. <3

    Karen Shrimpton January 31, 2020Reply

    I just sent a donation. I look forward to your version of the Long Healing Prayer and send much love to your family. Special prayers for Ruhi and Haydn.

    Jaleh January 31, 2020Reply

    So looking forward to your beautiful rendition of this amazingly beauteous prayer. Haydn and Ruhi are ever in my prayers. I am sure the Almighty has a Mighty plan for them both. Thank you for this dedication my love.

    Elika February 1, 2020Reply

    Thank you dear Karen, Jalehjoon and Sarmad for your kind words and donations! I can’t wait to share the completed version of the long healing prayer with you soon.

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