Waltzing in Heaven

Waltzing in Heaven

3 years ago to the day, on December 9th, my dear, dear friend, Sigi Guy, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She was the essence of love and purity and had a heart of gold.

Sigi showed me the meaning of true friendship and always showered me with so much love, care and warmth even though she lived thousands of miles away. Kindly say a prayer for her family and for her radiant soul.

On the day of her passing I felt inspired to compose a piece in her honor.  I sat at the piano, pressed record and played what came to my heart – no preparation or practice – simply a message from my soul to hers.

The piece is called ‘Waltzing in Heaven’ as Sigi loved to dance.

>> You can listen/download ‘Waltzing in Heaven’ here <<


Whenever I wish to call her to mind all I have to do is play this piece in her memory.

Thanks to Glenn Franco Simmons for allowing use of his beautiful photograph for the cover of the piece.

And a huge thank you to the many friends who gave their input for the cover they liked best.  The overwhelming response was in favour of the green background.  I’m sure Sigi would approve. 🙂

Sigi Guy and Elika Mahony

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