Prayer for Infants cover – which photo?

Ten days ago my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  I so wish I could have been there to meet my nephew and enjoy seeing my sister become a mother for the first time.  I have been wondering what gift to send my sweet nephew to welcome him into this world and decided that I would record something special for him.  Soon after that thought, I received a request from my sister to set the ‘Prayer for Infants’ to music so that she could learn to sing it to her son.  I immediately attempted to set this beautiful prayer to music despite the long sentences in the lengthy prayer.  I look forward to sharing it soon.
I have been working on a cover for the single and would love your help deciding which font to choose below: Photo 1 (flowery font) or photo 2 (capital font).  Please write which you prefer in the comments section below and why.  Also what do you think of the colour of the font?  Looking forward to hearing your responses.

Prayer for Infants flowery font

Photo 1 – Flowery Font

Photo 2 - Capital Letter font

Photo 2 – Capital Letter font


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