Invincible: a song composed by my daughter

Invincible: a song composed by my daughter
Amelia Mahony video about bullying and self-esteem

A few months ago, as part of a school assignment, my daughter was asked to create a personal project of her choice.  She decided to compose an a cappella song about the issue of bullying and developing ones self-esteem as she wanted to focus on the theme of empowerment.  The powerful words, the vocals and harmonies and the rhythm are all created by my 15 year old daughter.  The purpose of the song is to help people gain a greater understanding and awareness of these issues.  

The song is written, sung, filmed and edited by my daughter.
I am always so moved especially when I hear the chorus of the song as the lyrics are so powerful: ‘You are invincible, you are wonderful, beautiful, strong. You are incredible, all you need is some help to keep on.’
I had the honour of recording Amelia’s vocals in the studio.  When I heard her sing the song for the first time, I was blown away and deeply moved by the beauty of her voice and the purity and power of the lyrics.  I hope you are as inspired by the song as I was.  Lyrics and video are below.  Kindly share.