Prayer for Infants Released!

I’m excited to share the newly released ‘Prayer for Infants’.
Thank you for your input about the font you like best for the cover. I read each suggestion which helped me make a final decision.  I chose the flowery font as it flows well with the photo.  Some of you shared that the flowery font was softer, more gentle, had a subtle feeling, flowed more and was more elegant.  I know the block font is easier to read but I figured if anyone wants to know what it says they will click to enlarge it. 🙂
Below is the composition for ‘Prayer for Infants’ in honour of my nephew.  As a bonus I am including two beautiful digital art prints of the prayer in hopes that it will be sent to friends and loved ones on the occasion of the arrival of a new family member.  Click here to download the song with the bonus art prints.  The song is priced at $2 which includes the music and both art prints.
To send the ‘Prayer for Infants’ as a gift (with the bonus art prints), click on ‘Send as Gift’ under the ‘Buy Now’ button in blue letters (on the website).

Prayer for Infants

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