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Infinite Bounty Released!!

After two years of hard work, I am so excited to share with you the release of ‘Infinite Bounty’, my new album! What makes this product unique is that it is a book and a CD in one package. The ..

Cover for 'Infinite Bounty' Chosen!

I am one step closer to releasing my album, ‘Infinite Bounty’, and am very happy to share with you that I have now chosen the cover design for the album. I had asked the friends on my mailing list to ..

"Hands of the Cause" book released!

After a seven year labor of love, I am delighted to finally share that our book ‘Hands of the Cause of God: Amelia Collins, Dorothy Baker, Tarazu’llah Samandari’ has been published and is now available for purchase on my website. ..

Video for 'Infinite Bounty'

I would like to thank you for your input on the album title. A great many friends wrote and shared their suggestions and creative ideas. In the end, the name liked by the largest number of people was ‘Infinite Bounty’ ..

Which album title do you prefer?

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  • Last month I sent out an email to those subscribed to my mailing list and asked for suggestions and thoughts on some titles for my upcoming album.  The theme of the album is detachment and I would love to hear your ..

    Ocean Album Cover

    I have now finished all the vocals for my upcoming CD and am now looking for a cover photo for the album (the theme is ocean).  I have received some lovely submissions on my mailing list and wanted to make ..

    My Daughter is Growing Up!

    My daughter graduated from middle school last night! I feel torn – excited and pensive all at once. The child I once knew is no longer. She is a young lady now, more independent, more wise and full of life. ..

    Dedication for Mother's Day!

    Dedicating this beautiful quotation to one of the most selfless, generous and loving mothers I know – the beautiful woman that raised me…  

    Bahai Fasting and Creativity

    The Baha’i Fast is a mystical and creative time for me.  I look forward to these 19 days of fasting and enjoy spending time reflecting, praying, meditating and creating.  One is able to delve deeper during these days and focus ..

    Love is Heaven's Kindly Light

    A friend of mine was telling me today that everyday should be Valentine’s Day and she’s absolutely right.  Telling our loved ones how much we love them cannot be overstated. I’m dedicating this song to all my dear ones today. ..