Infinite Bounty Released!!

After two years of hard work, I am so excited to share with you the release of ‘Infinite Bounty’, my new album!
What makes this product unique is that it is a book and a CD in one package. The hard cover booklet is adorned with stunning, ocean-themed photographs, some of which have been submitted by friends on my mailing list. The book itself can be used for devotional meetings, personal reflections and makes a beautiful gift. The CD is housed inside the back cover of the book.
As the booklets are still being assembled in the factory, I am making the digital downloads available today and at the same time orders can be placed for the book/CD. Once the book/CDs are ready, they will be shipped to you (they should be ready by the end of November). If you place a book order, the digital download will be available immediately, and the book/CD will be shipped as soon as it is in my hands. Click here to order.
As I have a passion for art and have wanted to incorporate it with my music, I have also made available a deluxe version of the book/CD + a specialty card of my original art.  To view this option scroll down the ‘Infinite Bounty’ page and look for ‘Deluxe package’.
I would like to thank several friends who have been a part of this project and so many who have supported me along the way. A special thanks to the talented musicians who contributed their beautiful voices to the album: Ali Youssefi, Cheng Lin, Fiona Doomun-Rouhani, Nasim Ma’ani, Siria Rutstein & Amelia Mahony (yes she is my lovely daughter)! My gratitude to the photographers who stunning photos brought magic to the booklet: Nate Smieja, Essi Dashtdar & Arzhia Habibi.  Many thanks to Jarome (and Rosa) who assisted with the license for the album, promotion and all the support in the last 2 years. A huge thank you to my producer, John Thompson, who truly made each song shine and of course my sweet family, especially my dear husband, who has been there for me every step of the way!
To view the video where I talk about the album in more detail, click here.
I look forward to hearing how you like the album and if you have any favourite pieces.

The mock-up booklet: 'Infinite Bounty'

The mock-up booklet: ‘Infinite Bounty’

cover with pages open

Open booklet

Immerse Yourselves book

Two pages inside the booklet for the song ‘Immerse Yourselves’

CD housed in back of book

CD disc is housed in the back of the book.



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    Beautiful! Congratulations 🙂

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