Video for 'Infinite Bounty'

I would like to thank you for your input on the album title. A great many friends wrote and shared their suggestions and creative ideas. In the end, the name liked by the largest number of people was ‘Infinite Bounty’ and I have decided to use that as the title of the CD.
I had recently also sent out a request for photos of oceans and was touched by how many lovely photographs I received. My daughter helped create a video of the photos that were contributed from all around the world.  The countries include: Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Namibia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Seychelles and the United States.  The photographs accompany the title song of the album, which is also called ‘Infinite Bounty’.  I’m so excited to share the first song of the album with you.  The video is below.


    Name July 29, 2014Reply

    Wonderful song and beautiful photos – well done as always Elika!!!!!
    What a wonderful text, it will be my favorite again:-).
    Love, Ari

    jarome July 29, 2014Reply

    Beautiful Elika! Great performance on this song too.

    Elika July 29, 2014Reply

    So glad you enjoyed it Ari!
    Thank you Jarome. Glad you liked it.

    Ramin August 2, 2014Reply

    Dear Elika
    very nice and relaxant

    Jaleh August 9, 2014Reply

    lovely, beautifully refreshing! Love the voice, melody, picture swords, Very Well done!

    Elika October 24, 2014Reply

    Thank you so much Ramin and Jalehjoon!

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