Cover for 'Infinite Bounty' Chosen!

I am one step closer to releasing my album, ‘Infinite Bounty’, and am very happy to share with you that I have now chosen the cover design for the album. I had asked the friends on my mailing list to choose between a couple of options, and overwhelming preference was for the version below. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts and opinions!
I would like to thank Nate Smieja for contributing this gorgeous photograph for the album.
Infinite Bounty Cover


    Karen Thomas September 10, 2014Reply

    This is a lovely project. Looking forward to hearing it. The cover is beautiful!

    Barbra Levine Pakravan September 10, 2014Reply

    May the BEAUTY of the cover, the creative artists, the spiritual music and the people who listen to it produce together a massive wave of LOVE upon the whole world!

    Elika September 26, 2014Reply

    Thank you so much Karen and Barbra! I can’t wait to share the music with you!

    jaleh September 29, 2014Reply

    Congratulations El love! What a joy is in store for us…

    jaleh September 29, 2014Reply

    The cover is gorgeous!

    Derald Hendry October 2, 2014Reply

    All of your work is from the heart. We4 use your music constantly at feasts and discussion groups. Let me know when this album is available

      Elika October 9, 2014Reply

      Thank you Derald. I will definitely blog about the album when it is ready. You can also join the mailing list for more details and progression of the album.

    Chris Fernandez November 14, 2014Reply

    I love what u are doing.

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