Love is Heaven's Kindly Light

A friend of mine was telling me today that everyday should be Valentine’s Day and she’s absolutely right.  Telling our loved ones how much we love them cannot be overstated.
I’m dedicating this song to all my dear ones today.  It’s an acappella piece I sang with the beautiful and talented Cheng Lin a number of years ago.  Enjoy!

Love is heaven's kindly light

A photo I took in Thailand and was stunned to find this heart on the leaf!


    Sarmad Garmroud February 17, 2014Reply

    Wow! i remember this one! It’s incredible how you and Cheng Lin go way back together. Amazing! One of our favorite Pune pieces. The ladies there really got this one well!
    Much love to your very dear family. 🙂

      Elika February 18, 2014Reply

      Yes it was long ago Sarmad – 2001! I really can’t believe how time has passed and then it took another 6 years before ‘Fire and Gold’ came out. Hope all is well with you and your dear family.

    jaleh February 19, 2014Reply

    So Loved hearing this again … Thank you my sweet love of my heart

    Sunny March 1, 2014Reply

    I wish I had met you earlier.
    Love your beautiful songs.

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