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Who are you grateful for today?

During the fasting period, I often remind myself of those I am grateful for in my life.  I think you’ll have an idea of who that is once you read this lovely passage below (click on the passage itself for ..

Our Precious Children

Dear friends of mine recently adopted a baby boy.  Hearing them express their feelings of joy and elation has made me so excited for them but also so appreciative that I am a mother of two wonderful children. Parenting a ..

New Video for song ‘Where There is Love’!

The music video we’ve been working on for ‘Where There is Love’ from my CD Birds of Love is finally ready! We started working on the video last summer in Vancouver, Canada and the shoot took place on a beautiful ..

An important lesson – Practice!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing ‘Birds of Love’ at the wedding of one of my friends.  This must be the 6th or 7th time in the last year that I have been asked to sing it.  It has ..

Year-End Special for You!

It’s my birthday today and I would like to share a gift with you! For the first time, I’m having a Year-End special! We’re offering a special for the ‘Birds of Love’ gift set (buy 1, get 1 free) as ..

Chinese Illustrations in Birds of Love

Here is a sneak peek of one of the pages within the quotation book that we compiled in Birds of Love.  I love how all the paintings are Chinese illustrations and each page has a different, elegant painting.   Since I ..

A Surprise Gift

The first song I composed for the CD, ‘Birds of Love‘ was the title song itself.   This is how the composition came to pass… One of my dearest friends was getting married in our home and had asked me to ..

Searching for Unique Wedding Photos & Videos

As you may have heard, we have started making a video for the song ‘Where There is Love’ from my latest release ‘Birds of Love’.  We have been collecting photos and video footage for the project.  Since the theme is ..

Thoughts on a Healthy Marriage

A friend of mine recently asked what makes a healthy and successful marriage.  This is a huge topic and one which has fascinated me for a long time.   I was going to write one blog on the topic and realized ..

Specialty Cards for Birds of Love Ltd Edition

Today I had a great time making the finishing touches on 3 of the handmade cards for orders I received for the Birds of Love limited edition. Creating the specialty cards for the limited edition has truly been a joy. ..

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