Kahlil Gibran’s Poem On Marriage

My cousin has been visiting us for the last couple of weeks. She was raised in England and has a beautiful English accent. We have been experimenting lately in my humble studio and after hearing her recite some poetry I was inspired to record the poem by Khalil Gibran on the theme of marriage and felt that today would be the most appropriate day to share it.

I have added a spontaneous piano composition that I composed for my sister’s recent wedding. I hope you enjoy it!

You can listen to the piece below and download it here.  The beautiful design below is by Anat Bar Shalom.

Khalil Gibran’s Poem on Love. Recited by Arzhia Habibi. Piano by Elika Mahony

An original hand painted, unique blessing,inspired by the beauty of the Arabic ornamental art, and decorated with Khalil Gibran poem’s calligraphy.

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    Jessica and Mark February 14, 2013Reply

    Beautifully complement each other. Specially wonderful as it was spontaneous. So eloquently read, you delicately gave this poem of Khalil Gibran’s on Love the gentleness and powerfulness it so rightly deserved. Happy Valentine’s day to you both! With all our love from Habibi’s in England XX

    Sarmad February 15, 2013Reply

    Beautiful recital! Her voice is very like yours, dear Elika. 🙂

    Jaleh February 16, 2013Reply

    What a wonderful idea! Love love love

    Elika February 16, 2013Reply

    Thank you all for your loving comments.
    Dear Jessica and Mark – we have loved having Arzhia stay with us. She is such a gem!

    Joy Edmonson February 19, 2013Reply

    Beautiful! Thanks to you and dearest Arzhia!

    Sheba March 1, 2013Reply

    Can I please please have a copy of this? it is very beautiful and profound. Are u selling it on itunes?

    Elika March 1, 2013Reply

    Hi Sheba, I don’t think these can be sold as Khalil Gibran’s writings are copyrighted. I’ll have a look into it…

    Sarah Pendered March 20, 2023Reply


    I would love to buy this for my neice who is about to get married, it is beautiful.
    Is it available?
    Best wishes

      Elika March 23, 2023Reply

      Dear Sarah, do you mean the art print? It used to be on Etsy but I don’t think it is available any longer. The music link is available for download on my website.

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