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'Invictus' for Nelson Mandela Day

Today (July 18) is Nelson Mandela Day, a day that celebrates a phenomenal individual who inspired and touched the lives of many.  Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison during the period of apartheid in South Africa. Yet the injustice ..

Invictus – Available on Cdbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Applemusic and more

A few years ago, the world lost a remarkable man who touched and inspired the lives of so many. All over the world, people have written loving words in his memory and I felt the best way I could pay tribute ..

The Captain of His Soul

I was recently asked to write an article for the Multicultural Kid Blogs to commemorate Nelson Mandela day on July 18th. When Mandela passed away, I felt the best way I could pay tribute to him was through music. During ..