Precious Mother's Day Gifts

Mothers day was a huge treat for me this year! The children brought me breakfast in bed (my daughter makes amazing French toast and eggs) and in the evening we went to one of my favorite restaurants. After we arrived home, the family surprised me with a delicious vanilla cake that my daughter had made and decorated herself specially for me!
My son’s gift was very special too! In addition to treating me with my favorite chocolate, he made me a video of one of the piano instrumentals I had composed in his honor entitled ‘Commencement’ from the Glimmerings album. As I watched the video with photos he had found on a hubble site, I was moved to tears knowing how much love and effort he put into creating the video. ‘Commencement’ was created for my son’s 8th grade graduation and it tells the story of life with its daily routines and the ending of a chapter and a new beginning. You’ll hear the piano repeat itself in the beginning and gradually become more complex and make some twists and turns.  What is especially wonderful about the video Taraz made is that the photographs of the gas nebula are the birth place of stars. They are a type of cosmic commencement! So the photographs capture the theme of the song so brilliantly.
I can’t tell you how proud I am of my children and how thrilled I am to be their mother – I am thankful each day for the blessing of having them in my life and for making me a better person.


    praveen May 14, 2012Reply

    congratulations and happy mothers day Elika 🙂

    Shohreh May 17, 2012Reply

    Such a touching collaboration between mother and son. Lovely.

    jaleh May 18, 2012Reply

    how absolutely precious! Happy mother’s day my love

    Sarmad May 18, 2012Reply

    Super! 😀

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