Latest Musical Endeavors

I’ve been having some attacks on my website lately but I’m hoping they will be all clear for awhile and I can continue blogging again. I’m sorry if you’ve had trouble using my website.
A short update of my latest projects:
1.  I’m working on an instrumental CD for which I have recorded 6 piano pieces and am working on choosing the best piano midi sound I can find.  I couldn’t record them on a live grand piano because it is extremely hard to mic a piano well and I would have had to play the pieces perfectly and they are quite complex. I still have to record 3-4 more pieces and have been practicing one a month.  I look forward to sharing one with you soon.
2.  We’re about to release my latest song, ‘Eternal Beloved’, and have been working on several more new songs which I’m really excited about. I will write more about each one soon.
3.  We are now working on a new follow-up of the Chinese ‘Meditations of the Spirit’ CD. The first one was all in Chinese with some bilingual songs. This one will be more diverse with more Chinese instrumentation.
4.  I have submitted a couple of songs for a Devotions CD that we expect to be released this year.
I’m excited about all the projects happening right now and look forward to sharing some creations soon.

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